Tiffney uses her work to synthesize her observations and reflections of Africa (home to the cradle of civilization) in a way that invites others to think differently about the world. Because much of her work is autobiographical to date, Tiffney uses the North Carolina landscape as her lens. It is her sense that when words are exhausted, there is a Divine way in which visual media articulates the unutterable. As an artist, scholar and spiritual leader she embraces this fusion as a way of narrating more dynamically.

A native of North Carolina, Tiffney has immersed herself in photography and painting for the past decade. These mediums are expressions that she likens to “breathing”. Tiffney has traveled around the world and visited countless exhibits (i.e., Holocaust Museum in Israel, Apartheid Museum in South Africa, Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, Ghanaian and Brazilian Slave Castles, etc…) She feels that such artistic renderings have conveyed the human experience in the most riveting ways. As she evolves as an artist her hope is to find ways to create in ways that raise consciousness regarding other cultures and contemporary social justice realities. Ultimately her goal is to use her work to heal and inspire others.

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